Services at Kuninkaansaari

On our website you will find all the services and activities available in the proximity of Kuninkaansaari island's Officer's House.


We provide visitors with information about the past and give advice and guidance. We present photographs and other works related to the islands and archipelago. We also occasionally open a 'pop-up' store, which is open during the summer season, usually on weekends.


The only beach for swimming on the islands is located in the Sand Cove, at the eastern shore of Kuninkaansaari. You can borrow children's toys from us for beach fun. In addition, it is possible to play various types of yard games for free at the Liiteri (The Shed).

Sunset at the Officers' House

You can also rent a sauna or a rowboat from May to September at Kuninkaansaari. Accommodation in an old tower transformer will be available from 2020.

Alpo Tuurnala, 2008

Vallisaari is accessible from the mainland by JT-Line vessels. Water buses leave at the Helsinki Market Square. There is also a guest harbor at Vallisaari for those who arrive with their own boat. You may stay the night in Your own boat, but overnight on the islands, apart from a separate accommodation services, is prohibited. It is also forbidden to make a fire on the islands. It is recommended that You stay on the routes to protect the sensitive nature.


We warmly welcome visitors to the island to explore its exceptionally diverse nature, fascinating history and services.

Updated: 6.4.2020