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Lataamo tent

Spend the night in a spacious furnished tent on the Kuninkaansaari island and enjoy nature, history, silence and the proximity of the sea!

Kuninkaansaari eteläranta

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Are you interested in a camping trip in the middle of nature, but sleeping comfortably in bed under a blanket? We have opened a completely new accommodation option for the visitors of Kuninkaansaari island for the summer of 2023. The cozy tent of about 20 square meters is spacious and its room height is three meters. The tent has heating, fridge, lighting, two beds, blankets, pillows and a carpet. There are sun loungers in the yard. The nearby rocks offer a wonderful view of the open sea and the surrounding nature.

The tent is located on the south shore of Kuninkaansaari island next to the old ammunition depot. The depot was built in the 1920s. As recently as the beginning of the 2000s, the building has served as an ammunition warehouse. There is a short trip to the wonderful rocky beach, which have a stunningly beautiful view of the sea in the south direction. Here you can charge your batteries in your own peace or enjoy the nature with a partner or friend.

The walk from Vallisaari, where the Torpedo Bay's guest harbour and the nearest pier for water bus traffic are located, takes about 15 minutes. Kuninkaansaari island's services cannot be reached directly by boat. You must walk to the island from Vallisaari along the embankment between islands. You can transport your goods with carts found in Torpedo Bay. It is about 10 minutes from the tent to the sandy cove of Kuninkaansaari island, where you can take a dip for an evening or morning swim. The nearest dry toilets are located 200 meters from the accommodation.


Things to do and see

Both islands have a wide variety of activities, history and nature to explore. You can find more information about the history and sights of the Kuninkaansaari Island on these pages, as well as on-site information boards and guides. When you are hungry, you can enjoy a picnic in the open air or visit Vallisaari and try their facilities and services.

Prices and payment in 2023 (including VAT)

Accommodation prices from 67,50€. Check the current price of that time in the online store's booking calendar.

Equipment and facilities

  • Sleeping places (beds), blankets, mattresses and pillows for two people

    • Bed linen or sleeping bags are required. If you are using a sleeping bag, bring a pillowcase and bed sheet to protect your mattress and pillow. Sheets can also be rented for the duration of the stay.

  • Oil-circulated heater (electric)

  • Mini fridge (electric)

  • Interior light (electric)

  • Electric kettle

  • Mini vacuum cleaner

  • Bedside tables

  • Chairs

  • Biodegradable and disposable cutlery

  • Patio furniture for sitting outside

  • Drinking water must be brought by yourself or ordered in advance for an additional fee when booking

  • There is a hand washing station outside the accommodation

  • Public dry toilets are located approx. 200m away

  • Bluetooth player

  • Outdoor lighting powered by solar cells


Good to know


  • You will receive written instructions in your email regarding your arrival and use of the facilities week before of your stay. The key code will be sent the day before the accommodation.

  • Reservation starts at 15:00 and ends the next day at 12:00.



  • Any kind of fire (grilling, candles, etc.) inside and outside is forbidden.

  • Roads and paths are difficult at times and there are relatively many ascents and descents.

  • The accommodation must be empty at 12 noon on the day of departure. Residents must clean the accommodation themselves for subsequent residents. Cleaning should include at least sweeping the floors, taking out the trash, bottles and cans, and wiping the table surfaces. Cleaning supplies can be found at the property.



You should take with you


  • Towel and swimsuit if you plan to swim. An unofficial beach is located at the Sand Cove

  • Drinks, food and cutlery

  • Hand towel

  • Personal toiletries

  • Additional lamps at your discretion

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Make a booking

Booking in 2023

Make a booking by going directly to the booking site. Accommodation is available from the beginning of May until the end of September.




Water buses will operate to the Torpedo Bay pier. From Vallisaari to Kuninkaansaari you can walk along the embankment. It is advisable to book time for about 15-20 minutes of walking from Torpedolahti (25-30 minutes from Luotsipiha). You can also come to Vallisaari with your own boat.


Phone +358 (0) 40 764 9766

(Mon-Fri 10am-5pm, Sat-Sun 11am-4pm)

Helsingin Saaristoretket

Business ID: FI27652404

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