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Kuninkaansaari and us

This site is entirely maintained by the residents of the former Officer's House of Kuninkaansaari. Our aim is to provide services for visitors as well as information and experiences about the history and nature of Kuninkaansaari. Our family has been able to live on the island since 1974. Nowadays, we are also working as "caretakers" and local guides on the islands. We also serve as a general place for information and advice.

Our operation is based on close cooperation with Metsähallitus and Vallisaari entrepreneurs. All our services are available in the proximity of the old Russian built Officer's House on the northern shore of Kuninkaansaari. The house was built in the end of 19th century. Over the years, the Officers' House has served in the residential use of both soldiers, officers and numerous Finnish families.

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Kuninkaansaari ("King's Island") in Helsinki - Finland is one of the historical military islands along with Santahamina, Suomenlinna, Vallisaari, Isosaari and Kuivasaari. Today, the island's diverse nature and fascinating history make it a special destination for visiting and outing. Kuninkaansaari is connected to Vallisaari, where the water bus from the mainland is operated during the summer season.

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info and restrictions

Vallisaari and Kuninkaansaari are explored along marked routes (roads): Alexander's Tour (3 km) and Kuninkaansaari Tour (2.5 km).

Stay on routes as there are dangerous structures and cliffs outside of them and possible old explosives and ammunition in the wake of the 1937 explosives accident. Together, we strive to take care of the islands ’unique nature and biota and preserve them for the joy of future generations. Both islands have extensive nature reserves. This is why we do not hike off the routes.

As Metsähallitus instructs, overnight stays in the terrain, all fires (including grills and disposable grills) and excavation of the soil are prohibited for safety reasons. There may still be explosives in the soil in the wake of the 1937 accident at Vallisaari. However, it is safe to navigate the islands on foot along the marked routes.

Overnight stays are allowed in your own boat in the guest harbor in Torpedo Bay and in other accommodation services. Camping is prohibited


The southern part of Vallisaari is closed by order of the Police Act. In the southern part, it is forbidden to move and go ashore under the threat of punishment.


The Vallisaari guest harbor is recommended for beaching, as well as the Torpedo Bay's guest harbor, Vallisaari main pier and the sandy coves next to the Pilot House.


Dogs must be kept on a leash so that they do not disappear into the cavities of the island and do not disturb nesting animals. Dog droppings must be collected.


Hike litter-free.


Updated: 8.3.2024


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