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Our privacy policy

We always process personal information in accordance with good handling practice and applicable law. The Privacy Statement discusses what personal data and other possible information we collect and how we process it.

By personal information we mean information from which an individual can be identified. In addition to personal information, we also process information that cannot be identified. These include: information about the use of our online services.


In brief


Why do we collect data?

  • To provide, deliver, and maintain our services, customer service, and target communications.


What kind of information do we collect and where is it collected?

  • We store basic information about reservations or customer service, as well as information about the use of services and the website.


Who can handle the data?

  • We always collect the necessary information primarily for our own use in order to implement the services and generate feedback.


How long will data be kept?

  • We keep the information for as long as it is necessary for the intended purpose and in accordance with applicable law.



  • We use cookies to analyze and improve the use of our services. Our services may include third party cookies and community services (social media services).


What influence do you have?

  • You have the right to be informed about what and how personal data is processed. Our up-to-date privacy policy is always visible in our services.



Privacy Policy


1. What information are we dealing with?


The personal information we process consists mainly of the information we receive directly from you when, for example, you book our services or contact us via online forms or e-mail. We may also receive personal information and updates from authorities, organizations, and companies that provide credit and personal information acquisition and update services, as well as public information sources such as websites and social media channels.


Basic and contact information

  • first and last name, email address, address and phone number

  • gender, language and country information


Information related to customer relationship and other relevant issues

  • information about the services you use


Payment method information and other payment information (such as credit card details and billing information)

  • customer feedback and other contacts as well as your feedback information


Information about service usage

  • about using the service

  • the material you submitted to the service

  • browser and device information and cookie tags


Other information

  • information derived from the use of the service and / or the information you provide, such as items of interest

  • other information collected with your consent (e.g. location information)

  • information on changes to the above information



2. On what basis and for what purposes do we collect data?


We process personal information for the following reasons:

  • to implement a contract between you and your service provider (e.g. when booking our services)

  • you have given your consent to the processing of your personal data (eg the use of location information)

  • legitimate interest

  • to comply with a statutory obligation (eg Accounting Act)


We process data for the following uses:

  • The purpose of providing services

  • deliver the services you have ordered

  • produce, maintain and protect services

  • to prevent and investigate potential failures or abuses

  • statistics and reporting

  • to develop existing and new services

  • Providing customer service to handle contacts

  • Make your business easier by offering the most personalized service possible

  • informs through service and customer communication

  • improve service and user experience recommending interesting content

  • To handle customer and service provider relationships

  • implements surveys and studies to develop customer understanding



3. Cookies


We use of cookies to enable a better user experience and to analyze the use of our services. Based on information collected from the use of the service or analytics, the unregistered user cannot be personally identified.



4. How long will we keep the data?


We will retain personal information only for the time required for the purposes described in this statement, such as customer relationship management. The storage time is determined as follows:

  • We will process your information for the duration of any possible service delivery and for a reasonable period of time after the end of service. Reasonable time is the time when we no longer have reason to believe that you would turn to us for a reason related to the use of the service.

  • We may have a statutory obligation to process certain information for longer than the above criteria, so we will process the information to comply with that legislation and for a period determined by it.



5. Who can handle your data?

Your personal information is always processed primarily within the company: Kuninkaansaaren Putiikki & Palvelu. Information is processed only by persons who have the right to process personal data due to their duties. In some cases, we may use partners to provide our services, and our partners will also process personal information. Our partners will always process the information for the purposes specified by Kuninkaansaaren Putiikki & Palvelu and in accordance with applicable legislation. Examples:

  • software and system service providers

  • payment service providers

  • vendor partners

  • email service providers

  • marketing and advertising service companies

  • providers of research and development services


For example, we will provide information to the authorities if the legislation obliges us to do so. Disclosure of information is always within the limits permitted by applicable law and bound by it.


6. What kind of influence do you have?


You have the right to review the information stored on you and request rectification or updating of the information. You have the opportunity once a year to request a free copy of your personal information by sending us a written and signed verification request. If you feel that your information is in error, you can request a correction of your information by contacting us.


You have the right to ask us to remove any personal data relating to you if it is no longer used for the purposes for which it was collected and there is no other legitimate treatment. However, if data processing is necessary to comply with the law, for example, we cannot delete your information.


If you have any questions regarding the processing of your personal information, you can always contact us. You have the right to appeal against the processing of personal data to the Data Protection Authority if you consider that the processing has not been lawful.


7. How do we protect the data?


We use appropriate technical security practices to ensure that personal information is not subject to abuse. The systems are protected by e.g. firewalls and passwords. We have also agreed with our partners on the confidentiality and proper protection of the information.



8. Updating the Privacy Statement


As we develop our services and due to legislation changes, this Privacy Statement may also change. As far as possible, we will notify you of any material changes by email and / or our services website.


This Privacy Statement has been updated on August 20, 2018



9. Registry keeper


The registry keeper is Kuninkaansaaren Putiikki & Palvelu.


For privacy issues, please contact:

Kuninkaansaaren Putiikki & palvelu
Hiihtomäentie 34 C 27, 00800 Helsinki - FINLAND

Tel: +358 (0) 40 764 9766 (Mon - Sat 11:00 - 16:00)

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